The importance of servicing and maintaining solar power systems (O&M)

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This article will discuss in detail the importance of solar power system maintenance & upkeep (O&M), new technology trends, and how to choose the right O&M service provider.

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam thanks to its great potential for renewable energy sources. However, to maintain the performance and longevity of a solar power system, servicing and maintenance (O&M) is extremely important. This article will discuss in detail the importance of O&M, basic maintenance activities, new technology trends, and how to choose the right O&M service provider.

1. Introduction

Solar energy is being used increasingly popularly in Vietnam, with more than 16GW of installed capacity. According to estimates, by 2030, solar power capacity could reach 45GW. This strong development is thanks to the country’s abundant energy potential. However, to maintain stable and effective operation of solar power systems, performing periodic maintenance and repair (O&M) is extremely necessary. O&M helps extend the life of equipment, while optimizing productivity and economic efficiency.

2. Benefits of maintaining and maintaining solar power systems

O&M brings many important benefits to solar power systems:

  • Optimize performance:  O&M helps ensure devices always operate at their best, limiting incidents and interruptions. A well-maintained solar power system can operate at an efficiency higher than 95%.
  • Save costs:  Regular maintenance will help detect and fix potential problems early, avoiding major damage that leads to expensive repair costs.
  • Extend equipment life:  Replacing components at the right time will help extend the life of equipment, possibly up to 25-30 years instead of 20-25 years as initially expected.
  • Ensuring worker safety:  O&M helps promptly assess and handle safety issues, reducing the risk of accidents for operating workers.
  • Environmental protection: A well-maintained solar power system will emit less emissions, contributing to environmental protection.

Therefore, investing in O&M is completely worthy, bringing many economic and social values.
3. Basic maintenance and repair work.

   Monitor and track the operation of the solar power system:

  •  Monitor the performance of the solar power system, detect errors and diagnose system problems (diseases).

   System maintenance and repair:

  •  Clean dirt and foreign objects on solar panels periodically every 6-12 months, depending on climate and environmental conditions. Cleaning helps the battery absorb maximum sunlight. Thereby, improving the performance of the system.
  •  Besides, checking and cleaning the electrical system, transformers, and electronic devices. Removing dirt and insects that can cause problems is also extremely important.
Figure: Check the heat at the inverter connection point.

  •  Check the performance and technical parameters of the system periodically monthly/quarterly.
  •  Early detection of problems such as energy loss and capacity reduction.
  •  Monitor the operation of electrical equipment and electrical cabinets.
  •  Measure ground resistance, evaluate lightning protection system.
  •  Replace damaged components periodically or when necessary.
  •  Upgrade and change old and outdated equipment.

   Monitor and adjust grid integration:
   Predictive maintenance:

  •  Identify system trends and analytical reports, make forecasts, plan and take preventive actions.

4. New technology in O&M:
Along with the development of 4.0 technology, solar power system O&M is being significantly improved thanks to the application of modern technology:

  • Remote monitoring system: Solareye allows 24/7 remote monitoring of solar power system operations through devices and smart algorithms. Data is collected and analyzed accurately to detect problems early.
  • Drones: Used to fly and inspect systems in hard-to-reach locations, replacing the traditional job of employees having to come directly to the point to inspect.
  • Automatic Robot: Robot can automatically clean solar panels quickly and safely.

If you are a solar power investor, a solar power project manager. If you need advice, please contact us: . We understand that solar power systems are an important part in providing clean and economical energy. frugal. And to ensure peak system performance and longevity, routine servicing and maintenance is vital. With a team of professional and experienced technicians, we are committed to providing high quality maintenance and repair services, ensuring that your solar power system operates stably and effectively.

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