You are the owner of renewable energy power plants

As a renewable energy owner, you can partner with EPS to leverage your renewable energy to create your own certificates or profit by partnering with us.


  • Compile records and issue RECs for yourself.
  • Implement the life cycle of RECs and reimburse you for the amount of clean electricity your power plant generates

REC issuance service

EPS supports customers in completing documents and issuing RECs according to the amount of electricity the customer has. Customers can use these REC certificates for their own needs or resell them to end users

REC full-cycle service

EPS collects records from customers and completes the REC lifecycle. In return, customers will receive a cost reward for their annual green electricity generation output.

Why choose EPS?

Local company

We are proud to be one of the few companies in Vietnam that are partners of I-REC standard.

Various services

We provide many REC solutions for you. You have many options to exchange your clean energy when you work with us. Special and SolarEye-REC package


We are committed to providing services according to the contract and prioritizing customer interests first.


We are proud to be an official partner of I-REC Standard.

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I-Rec Solutions

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