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What is O&M of solar power system? What’s the process?

O&M (Operation & Maintenance) means operation & maintenance. After the solar power plant (system) comes into operation, the O&M Unit will take over, monitor, take care of, and perform the work of supervising the operation and maintenance of all equipment to ensure the machine, operates continuously, safely and effectively.

The main tasks of O&M include:
1/ Monitor and monitor the operation of the solar power system
Monitor the performance of the solar power system, detect errors and diagnose system problems (diseases).
2/ System maintenance and repair
3/ Monitor and adjust grid integration
4/ Predictive maintenance
– Identify system trends and analytical reports, make forecasts, plan and take preventive actions.
5/ Periodic maintenance at the Factory
– Clean solar panels, inverters, and electrical cabinets
– Control plants, moss, bird nests, termite nests… in the factory.
6/ Equipment replacement service (optional)
Replace inefficient inverters and photovoltaic panels and replace other equipment when required.
7/ Relocate part of the system or the entire system (optional)
Provide system dismantling and reinstallation services when the homeowner needs.


  • Monitor the system 24/7, identify and warn of errors
  • Adjust and regulate remote generation capacity according to the requirements of agencies and electricity
  • Coordinate with field team to check, identify and fix errors
  • Store documents, records, and system information


  • Clean solar panels periodically
  • Solar panel inspection and maintenance includes visual inspection and thermal imaging scanning
  • Check and maintain inverter
  • Check and maintain electrical cabinets and electrical equipment


  • Corrective maintenance: The team is present at the construction site to handle the problem according to the committed response time and error level
  • Special maintenance: According to special scopes of work, outside the maintenance contract
  • Other Maintenance services include: Performing panel I-V curve measurements and System Thermal Scanning


  • Dismantle and Replace Solar Power System: Dismantle solar panels, support frames and roof accessories to help the Customer’s roof be ready for replacement, repair or upgrade or renovation. . Genergy will replace and reinstall the solar power system when the roof has been upgraded or replaced
  • Solar System Dismantling: Homeowners or Customers who want to replace an old roof may need to disassemble the solar system

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