Things to know about I-REC Certificate.

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I-REC is a type of Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) issued to certify a certain amount of electricity produced from a renewable energy source. Currently, in addition to I-REC, the global EAC system also has two other types of renewable energy certificates:

I-REC is used in countries and regions that do not have a green energy certification system such as Africa, Asia, South America… In addition, some countries such as Australia or Japan also have certification systems private.

What is I-REC International Renewable Energy Certification?

Similar to REC and GO certificates, each I-REC represents proof that 1 megawatt hour (1 MWh = 1 REC) of renewable energy has been produced and includes the environmental benefits that renewable energy provides. This has created The I-REC Registry electronically issues I-RECs based on the output of renewable energy generators.

1 I-REC = 1 MWh of renewable electricity

The I-REC Standard’s digital tracking system allows participants to track renewable energy attributes from production to consumption, helping to ensure transparency and avoid double counting in transactions I-REC on the market.

What type of energy does the I-REC certificate apply to?

  • Solar
  • Wind energy
  • Hydro energy
  • Biomass energy
  • Biogas energy
  • Nuclear energy

Why should businesses own an I-REC certificate?

As we all know, after power sources are transmitted from the power plant transformer to the consumer, the power becomes “unpersonal”. In practice, that means consumers cannot know which power plant the electricity they are consuming comes from, except in rare cases. To apply special mechanisms to support certain power sources, in particular renewable energy power sources, it is necessary to solve two tasks: Accurately identify that power output (i) when production and (ii) when consumed. For this reason, Renewable Energy Plants will be granted a Renewable Energy Certificate for each MWh of electricity generated. Renewable energy power plants can not only sell electricity at preferential prices, but can also separate the benefits from selling electricity from the environmental benefits of the project, helping to increase revenue and thereby reduce costs significant payback period. Any business that is obliged to purchase electricity from renewable sources can purchase renewable energy certificates from these power plants to achieve set goals such as attracting more investment and ensuring sustainable growth in the region. Some benefits from owning an I-REC certificate:

  • Prove the origin of the consumed electricity
  • Demonstrate a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enables achievement of sustainability goals
  • Highlight investments in sustainability
  • Improve your metrics for reporting programs

Which businesses should have I-REC certification?

If your business belongs to the group of businesses interested in ESG indicators (Environmental, Social, Governance), then owning an I-REC certificate is an extremely important part of measuring factors related to development. sustainable development and business impact on the community.

Issuing an I-REC thanks to a solar power system installation or being our customer.

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